About us

Hi! We are indimise, a start-up for individual and creative 3D printed products.

Our mission is to make the design possibilities of 3D printing accessible for you. Without technical experience, design software or a 3D printer, you can shape special and individual products which are unique in the world.

Our mission
Founder and Team

Indimise mainly consists of Sebastian Flügel as founder, creative mind and executive. Sascha Ibach, Lena Gausmann, Ole Bröker and Thomas Gust contribute actively to the technical application. Sebastian’s girlfriend Anja provides moral and critical support so that indimise always stays on track.

Sebastian was born in Fulda and now lives here again, after a little longer excursion to the Swabians. As a development engineer for lightweight design, he was strongly engaged in 3D printing. 3D printing is greatly suited to manufacture special and individual products. But as a private person, you need know-how and technical equipment to do so. That is what Sebastian wants to change! With indimise, everyone becomes the designer of his own product. Thanks to 3D printing, the quantity 1 per design can be realised without big costs and production time.

Sebastian Flügel
Leisure activities

When Sebastian is not working on new configurators for this website, he loves to ride a motor bike (BMW 1200 GS or Honda Africa Twin) and to explore the world. While doing so, he is always looking for new design inspiration, to make your life a little more individual. Shape it yourself!