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    Shape it yourself

    Explore the possibilities of 3D printing and 3D configurations to shape your own smartphone case

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    Indimise to make it yours

    Reach individuality by customising products - That's INDIMISE

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    Make yours one of a kind

    Transform your mass produced phone to uniqueness by customising your smartphone case

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    We are inspired by nature

    Inspire yourself with the help of our design configurators and create your own piece of art

Your freedom of design

  1. Choose a design to start
  2. Select your smartphone model
  3. Define your colour and surface finish
  4. Add encraved or embossed text
  5. Adapt the basic shape of the pattern
  6. Customise the geometric gradients
Voronoi Case


Start with this bionically inspired design and customise it the way you like it. You can find Voronoi geometries all around in nature. As a pattern of a giraffe, leaf structures or the shell of algae, it is a symbol for the beauty of nature and lightweight design.

Membrane Case


This design is inspired by nature and ready to be customised by you. The Membrane structure is made of two layers of Voronoi patterns. These kinds of 3D geometries are used in nature for structural thin shells and to achieve selective permeability.

Honeycomb Case


A common pattern in modern architecture and nature that is fully customisable for you. Not only bees and atoms make use of this stable geometry. Also engineers and designers use it for lightweight and visual attractive structures.

Double-Hexagon Case


Create visual effects with this three-dimensional pattern. Atoms in materials like graphite are made of 3D layered hexagons and their properties are still under research. Use those structures to individualise your phone case as an eye-catcher.

Diamond Case


Start with bisected diamonds or use full diamonds for your customisation. You can find these structures in modern and historic architecture. Expanded metal forms this structure and is used as protection in many areas.

Marrakech Case


Individualise your own star pattern to beautify your phone. This design is inspired by oriental art from the Moroccan town Marrakech and symbolises the infinite night sky of the orient. Transform your phone case to an individual piece of a starry sky.

Morocco Case


Use this starting point to create your own unique oriental pattern. Over thousands of years the Islamic art developed countless of geometric patterns. Those symmetric, repeating and interconnected patterns can be continued into infinity.

Three-pointed Cross Case


Style your phone with this symbol and adapt the pattern as you like it. The three-pointed cross or star is a geometric symbol for the number three that refers to trinity or the Celtic symbolisation of land, sea and sky.


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Tailor-made Smartphone-Cases

Tailor-Made for your smartphone

Our cases are developed to fit perfectly to your phone.

We continuously enable new models to our configurators that are requested from out customers.

Your smartphone is not available yet? Contact us!

We will inform you when your model is ready for individualisation.

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How your design materialises to uniqueness

Exported 3D-Design

Your specific 3D design is exported and sent to our 3D printers

Laser built

A laser selectively melts powder particles and thus binds them together

Layer Printed

Successive layers of powder are fused by the laser to form your case

Reusing Particles

Your phone case is lifted out of the powder bed and unused particles are reused

Quality Finishing

The phone case is coloured and the quality is checked before shipping

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