Our contribution to sustainability (EN)

Climate change and environmental pollution are the big challenges of our time. We believe that everyone should contribute to solve these challenges. That is why our whole business model is based on 3D printing and its advantages regarding sustainability. We at indimise consider all three aspects of sustainability - environment, social and economic. Check out how we contribute to sustainability with our 6 actions.

1. On demand manufacturing
We only manufacture your smartphone case after you ordered it, so when it is really wanted! Usually mass produced phone cases are manufactured in advance and millions that are not purchased will end in waste. We at indimise are conscious that resources are limited and that we have to use them with care.

2. Tool-free manufacturing
Our industrial 3D printers do not need any mold or jig to produce your individual phone case. Usually every new design and every new phone model will result in tons of metal that is used for those tools. Therefore, increasing numbers of different smartphones models and the trend for individualisation are leading to high material and energy consumption as well as waste. Only tool-free manufacturing methods like 3D printing can meet these demands with much less environmental footprin.

3. Ressource efficient production
Our 3D printers only fuse material that is needed to materialise your smartphone case. Unused material is recycled and there is no waste like offcut and sprue. That is how nearly every particle of material will end in your final smartphone case. We are committed to efficiency.

4. Short delivery routes
We manufacture in Belgium and only ship in Europe. Usually phone cases are manufactured and shipped from Asia with long delivery routes and resulting energy consumption and pollution. Only local production can really shorten trading routes.

5. High environmental and governance standards
We at indimise and our manufacturing partner Materialise are committed to environmental and governance standards, as German and Belgium companies. Phone cases are usually mass produced in Asia with bad or at least unknown standards.

6. No warehouses
Did you know that stocks and warehouses have a big impact on the environmental footprint of products? Not at indimise! We were able to completely eliminate those factors. Our smartphone cases do not exist until you design and order it. After manufacturing we ship your phone case directly to you.

We at indimise will go even further to reach our goal of a climate neutral circular economy.
What do you think about our actions? Write us your thoughts via WhatsApp or email.